Technical seminar "Silicon Photonics opportunities and challenges : concept, applications, implementation"

When : 
25/01/2018 12:00 - 13:30
Where : 
Business Pôle - Pépinière d'entreprises, 1047 Route des Dolines, Allée Pierre Ziller, 06560 Valbonne, France
Description : 

Speaker : Gaëtan Arrivé, Sr European Application Engineer, Mentor A Siemens Business <br> <br> Abstract :<br> <br> Not only light travels much faster in a wave guide than electricity in an interconnect, but it doesn't carry its inherent drawbacks like parasitic impact, heating, power consumption, unique signal per interconnect! That's why optical communications have replaced copper interconnects in wide and local area networks (WAN &amp; LAN) for decades. Because silicon is transparent to infrared light (~1.5um wavelength), SiPhotonic devices can be manufactured using existing semiconductor techniques, e.g. silicon on insulator (SOI), and equipment. As a consequence, traditional foundries offer attractive and inexpensive technology to integrate the power of photonics into chips, enabling performance boost and new applications. A dense ecosystem has emerged for a few years, led by numerous large and small players acting in all domains to solve various challenges and bring standard solutions: manufacturing, modeling, design flow, hybrid simulation, layout verification, process data kits (PDK), intellectual property (IP), ... Attend this session to get an introduction to a technology which is bound to radically transform the semiconductor era... at the speed of light. <br> <br> Registration (free but mandatory, closes on 01/24 at 12:00pm): <a href=""></a><br> <br> The Plateforme Conception technicals seminars are sponsored by the Labex UCN@Sophia. They mainly aimed at providing useful technical information to engineers and researchers in microelectronics in the area of Sophia Antipolis.